Research & Documentation

Research and Documentation is the mainstay of any programme that warrants evidence-based policy intervention, and offers data and information pertaining to identified social problems or issues gathered from the field using scientific method and tools. Data and information gathered from research findings serve as critical input for formulation of policies and programmes. Such findings also need to be documented in an easily accessible format for the ready use of policy makers, programme-implementing agencies as well as for researchers for subsequent research work. NISD has been collaborating with universities/institutions/organisations working in the field of social defence to undertake research in the areas of Substance Abuse Prevention, Old Age Care and Other Social Defence Issues including Beggary Prevention and Welfare of Transgenders.


The Institute has a well-stocked library comprising over 15,000 books and documents besides collections of periodicals, journals and dictionaries. The books are in both Hindi and English, and are digitally available. Besides the staff members of the Institute, the library is used by the students who enrol for the various training programmes and courses by the Institute, apart from research scholars who visit the institute.


The Institute has developed various publicity and IEC material in the area of substance abuse prevention, old age care, beggary prevention and transgender welfare. Every year, the Institute participates in important public events to promote preventive education and create greater awareness about issues of concern in the field of drug demand reduction, old age care, beggary prevention and transgender welfare. Besides, NISD participates in several events, including the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the International Day for Older Persons and National Awards for Senior Citizens, among others. The institute also has its presence on social media with active Facebook and Twitter handles that are updated regularly.