Drug Abuse Monitoring System (DAMS)

Drug Abuse Monitoring System (DAMS) is an online database, wherein data on the types of substances, method of consumption, clinical and general profile of treatment seekers at de-addiction centres will be collected on a quarterly basis for understanding the trends of the substance abuse in the country. This system is to further strengthen the existing interventions and would be useful for developing appropriate preventive strategies in changing substance consumption behaviours.

Outreach/ Promotional Activities through the Regional Resource and Training Centres (RRTCs)
The Eleven Numbers of NGOs and One State Govt. Social Welfare Board have been designated as RRTCs to provide training to the service providers of the ministry-supported (IRCAs), Drug Treatment and Counseling Centres, for enhancing their capacity, at regional levels. This is considered desirable and pragmatic in view of the size of the country and regional variations necessitating specific strategies.
Besides, RRTCs also provide the following services to the NGOs working in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention:
• Documentation of all activities of the NGOs, including preparation of Information Education Communication (IEC) Material.
• Undertaking advocacy, research and monitoring of substance abuse programmes
• Technical support to the NGOs, community-based organisation and enterprises.

Observance of "The International Day Against Substance Abuse and Illicit Trafficking"
On 26 June every year, NISD in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment observes "The International Day Against Substance Abuse and Illicit Trafficking" to sensitise the society, particularly the youth, about the menace of substance abuse.
A manual on the minimum standards of services for the programmes under the scheme for the prevention of alcoholism & substance (substances) abuse have been developed for IRCAs/treatment centres run by NGOs funded by the Ministry.
A manual on the implementation framework of the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction to focus on preventive education, awareness generation, identification, counseling, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons and training and capacity building of the service providers through collaborative efforts of the central and state governments and NGOs.
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