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Power and Functions of NISD Officers Last Updated Date : 16 Oct 2018

Powers and functions of NISD Officers

  1. Director:- Head of Department
    Powers and Functions of Director are indicated at Schedule 1 by Laws of NISD
  2. Deputy Director (Administration & Planning):- Head of Office
    Powers and Functions include:
    • Overall responsibilities of Administrations Establishment and Accounts Division
    • Preparation of Annual Action Plan.
  3. Deputy Director (Coordination) - He is the Head of the Coordination Division
    • Preparation of Annual Report, Journals, Newsletters and RTI related matters are his responsibilities among others
  4. Deputy Director (Social Defence):- He is the Head of the Social Defence Division
    • Social Defence Division of NISD organize the programmes in collaboration with State Departments and Social Work Institutions such as State Police Academies, State Institutes of Rural Development, Regional Institutes of Correctional Administration and approved Social Work Institutions
  5. Deputy Director (Old Age):- He is the Head of the Old Age Division
    • In pursuance with the National Policy on Older Person (NPOP), the National Institute of Social Defence is developing a dedicated cadre of Geriatric Caregivers and generating skilled manpower, with focused attention on training for intervention in the family and community settings The Younger generation and others concerned with the welfare of older persons are encouraged to attend to the needs of the older persons
  6. Research Officer (NCDAP):- He is the Head of the NCDAP Division
    • Raising the competency standards of the functionaries/personnel working in substance demand reduction and other related sectors
    • Standardization of care in substance abuse prevention
    • Updation of information and creating a database on extent and pattern of substance abuse and interventions developed at local, regional, national and international levels, and
    • Promoting advocacy and networking in the field of substance abuse prevention.