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Objectives Last Updated Date : 30 Jul 2015

Objectives :

The main objectives of the Institute are to:

  • review the policies and programmes in the field of social defence
  • anticipate and diagnose social defence problems
  • develop preventive, curative and rehabilitative policies in the field of social defence
  • identify and develop the instruments for realizing the objectives of social defence policies
  • review and evaluate the implementation of social defence policies and programmes
  • develop and promote voluntary efforts in social defence

In order to realize the above objectives, the Institute carries out the following activities:

  • research on Social Defence issues;
  • compilation and analysis of statistics in the areas of Social Defence
  • develops, promotes, sponsors and undertakes training/orientation in the field of Social Defence;
  • advises the Central and State Governments/Union Territory Administrations on Social Defence problems and provides technical inputs for preparation of model rules and regulations in the field of Social Defence;
  • provides a forum for exchange of information on Social Defence amongst State/Union Territories and voluntary organizations and thus serves as a clearing house for information in the field of Social Defence;
  • creates public awareness on Social Defence problems specially in regard to preventive and rehabilitative role of the community;
  • assists the Government of India for exchange of information on Social Defence with other countries and with the United Nations for their specialized agencies;
  • organises conferences/seminars/ workshops on Social Defence;
  • liaison with universities, research institutes and voluntary organizations in the area of Social Defence; and
  • brings out publications in the field of Social Defence, both popular and professional.

Areas of Concern

  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Care of Older Persons, and
  • Other Social Defence Issues including Beggary Prevention, Transgenders, etc.
  • Target groups

    The target group of the Institute are:

    • Functionaries of concerned departments of the Central and State Governments
    • Service providers/care givers working in the area of Social Defence both in Voluntary sector and Govt.
    • Academicians and professionals of Schools of Social Work & concerned academic Institutions.